HeFSSA AGM Minutes 2014

Dec 4, 2014


1.   Welcome by President Eric Klug

2.   Attendance: Signed register available on request

3.   Apologies received: J Hitzeroth, C Radulescu, T Lachman, J Vorster, S Lecour, J Brink and L Zampieri

4.   Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting – Proposed (K Sliwa) andAccepted (M Mpe)

5.   President’s Review by Eric Klug (available on website)

6.   Annual Financial Statements George Nel

The statements reflect an increase of +20% in income to R 1 million for the year.   Invested more than R 600k in educational programs in YTD Dec 2013 and retained R 100k. Financial Statements (Dec 2013) was proposed and accepted by the members. HeFSSA has more than R 1.1 mill cash on hand at the end of Feb 2014 and we earned R 40k interest on the Money Marketaccount (annual).

7.   GP HF Educational Programs 2104 and Cardio Update

The HeFSSA Practitioners Program continues to be of great value to the medical community as well as the pharmaceutical and device industry and it is also the main vehicle we use to achieve our educational goals.

2010 - 6 major centres across South Africa and approximately 200 GP’s in total attended

2014- 14 South Africa, 2 Namibia and 1 Mozambique with almost 500 attendees (incl. Funders /MHC /Case Managers). Actual attendance overall was 72% of RSVP but metropolitans were disappointing at 60% attendance. The theme for 2014 was Acute Heart Failure (Case based discussions). Practitioners also have the opportunity to earn an extra CPD point by completing online the CME questionnaire. This year the meetings were held in George, Port Shepstone, Port Elizabeth, Windhoek, East - London, Durban, Nelspruit, Cape Town, Pretoria, Potchefstroom, East Rand, Rustenburg, Swakopmund, Johannesburg and Polokwane as well as Maputo. The faculty members for 2014 were: JA Lochner, S Blake, K Govender, I Soosiwala, P Commerford, K Sliwa, S Beshir, D Kettles, W Lubbe, AS Mitha, E Maree, J Benjamin, T Lachman, J Hitzeroth, A Snyders, J Vorster, Pro Obel, Riaz Dawood, R Jardine, D Smith, M Mpe, UR Hahnle and E Klug. Thank You to Servier, Pharma Dynamics and Astra Zeneca who continue as primary sponsors with Boston and Medtronic involved as secondary sponsors for the 5th consecutive year.


K Sliwa indicated that GP lectures are good marketing for SA Heart and that she also recently participated in a “Cardio Educational Outreach” in Cameroon which include HF education supported by Servier.


Following was decided for 2015 - 

1.   2015 topic will by “Women and Heart Failure”.

a.   Suggested that we request delegates bring their own cases fro discussion.

b.   Faculty could also offer to do ward rounds / clinics when lecturing at outlying areas.

c.   HeFSSA need to ID other towns with a number of GPs (Springbok mentioned) which could benefit from a traveling lecturer. Ask companies to propose such areas which can benefit.

2.   African Outreach could include Kenya, Cameroon (KS), Nigeria, Mozambique (KS), Botswana (MM) Malawi and Zimbabwe.    


The HeFSSA Cardio Update for Non Cardiologists has been a very successful program at previous SA Heat congresses and was once again offered (on the afternoon prior to this year’s SA Heart Congress in Durban. Approximately 170 delegates attend a program covering a wide variety of cardiovascular topics. M Mpe and Leslie Ponnusamy was the program convener’s and funding was provided by AstraZeneca. The faculty deserving our thanks are Dr RB Dyer, C Jack, E Klug, Prof A S Mitha, M Mpe, RK Naidu, L Ponnusamy and A Thornton.       


HeFSSA will continue to arrange this cardio update meeting pre SA Heart Congress.

8.   Council of Medical Schemes ITAP process (HF)  

Eric Klug has continued to this CMS working group specifically on HF and identifying “How to measure the success of MHV interventions in HF”. EK indicated that this was a worthwhile exercise to gain insight of how the Council operates and to be seen as valuable resource rather than adversarial. 

CMS has requested that HeFSSA issue a guideline addressing this issue in the South African private sector context. Kemi Tibazarwaoffered to draft the guideline and work closely with Eric Klug before referring to Exco for final input and sign-off. Expected to start working on this by mid -November and conclude mid-December.   

9.   Public Health

EK and GN has been in contact with local (JHB metropolitan) management involved with clinic and drug supply. The objective is to “secure” referral of HF patients with their Rx to local clinics (rather than patients travelling at great expenses and time to JHB Gen HF clinic on a monthly basis for Rx). This has been a difficult process to secure audience with correct personell.


KS suggest that we network with Sandra Pretorius whom already works with clinics in the JHB area. She also reported that WP has an electronic Rx system which appears to be what we require. She will find out who is responsible for this system.

MM suggested that we invite clinic nurses to HF talks and also hospital managers in 2015.


10.HF  Practitioner / Patient / Care Giver Empowerment                    

a.   Servier has developed a “HF Smart Phone Application” to empower HF patients to manage their own disease - Stefni Ferreira presented an overview of the application which met approval from those assembled. Servier is willing to brand it “HeFSSA HF application” and requested that Exco assist with final assessment of the application and especially “daily tips and tricks”.  Len Steingo volunteered to spearhead this for the Exco and KS suggested Kim Lamont (basic science) could be of assistance.


a.   Inter CHF – KS reported that data are being analysed

b.   SHARE – KS we could consider a small registry in HF and cancer patients in 2015. D Smith, L Steingo and K Sliwa appear to have an interest.

12.SA Heart Congress 2015

EK, KS and Makoali Makatoko (to represent HeFSSA on the organising committee “BFN Branch”) with MM convening the Cardio Update for Non Cardiologists.

13.New Members 

a.   HeFSSA need to target Fellows to get involved such as “Ntusi” (KS?) at UCT specialise in imaging in HF and Blanche Cupido – HF education

b.   Supply members with an annual membership certificate (which they can print / frame and display)

14.Election : Exco and Office Bearers                                           Eric Klug

a.   Sandrine Lecour and Cristiana Radulescu have decided to step down and were thanked for their contribution.

b.   Proposed and Elected Exco Members for 2015 – 2016 are

Prof Karen Sliwa, Dr Eric Klug, Dr Martin Mpe, Dr Darryl Smith, Dr Tony Lachman, Dr Jens Hitzeroth and Dr Kemi Tibazarwa.

c.   Proposed Office Bearers and Seconded

President E Klug, Vice-President M Mpe, Treasurer D Smith and Secretary J Hitzeroth


15. Closewith Thanks by E Klug  

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