The Heart Failure Society of South Africa (HeFSSA) is the first of its kind in Africa. HeFSSA was formed in 2005 under its parent body, the South African Heart Association (SAHA).

HeFSSA’s mission is to promote research and collaboration on heart failure matters in South Africa and around the world.

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Chronic Heart Failure Guideline 2013

Heart Failure Society of South Africa (HeFSSA) perspective on the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) 2012 chronic heart failure guideline.

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May 21, 2014



Prof. Karen Sliwa (South Africa), Prof. Albertino Damasceno (Eduardo Modlane University, Maputo, Mozambique), Dr Peter Zartner (Germany) and Prof. Ana Mocumbi (Ministry of Health, Maputo, Mozambique) were invited to give lectures at an educational workshop, held on 9th April at the Cardoso Hotel, Maputo.  

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Mar 31, 2014

Imagine an ideal site for a conference Venice at Carnivale time!! What could be more ideal?







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Mar 6, 2014

Final countdown to AfricaPCR 2014 – an educational course not to be missed! 

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Nov 20, 2013



I would like to thank HeFSSA for the opportunity to attend the ESC congress during August this year.  I enjoyed the city of Amsterdam and the interaction with the larger cardiology community.

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Please read about eligibility and the fees and benefits associated with HeFSSA membership. Ordinary and associate members of HeFSSA have to be ordinary or associate members of the South African Heart Association (SA Heart). However, international members do not have to be members of SA Heart.

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Jul, 30 2014

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