Hundred Modified


  • The Hundred excercise is practiced at the beginning of the routine for endurance
  • The abdominal muscles remain engaged throughout the exercise
  • The abdominal and hip flexors (muscles at the top of the leg) stabilise and flex the spine


Start Position

Lie supine (on your back) Place feet on ball, legs apart Knees and hips at 90 degrees Arms reaching towards feet, soft elbows, palms down


Step 1

Inhale, lengthen spine and prepare


Step 2

Exhale, curl up head and thoracic spine


Step 3

Inhale for five breaths Move arms up and down five times, in time with the breathing


Step 4

Exhale for five breaths Continue up and down motion with arms (Steps 3 and 4 are one cycle. Repeat 10 cycles)


Step 5

To complete: inhale. Remain in curl with reaching arms


Step 6

Exhale and slowly roll back to mat