Global Survey of medical specialist management of chronic HF

Jul 25, 2011

There are wide variations in the management of heart failure, both within and between countries. Whereas these have been documented to some extent in Western countries, there are no data on cardiologist's awareness and perception of heart failure management in developing countries, in which heart failure is or soon will be of major importance. This survey aims to describe the diagnosis, different forms of care and the treatment of heart failure across a wide variety of countries by cardiologists and other specialists who manage heart failure patients. The English version of the GAPS-HF questionnaire is now online and ready to be completed. The questionnaire can be accessed through the WHFS website (WHFS) or directly by using this web address which will bring you to the log-in page of the questionnaire: (link not available) 

HeFSSA urges all medical practitioners (specialist and general practitioners alike) to complete this online questionnaire and in doing so contribute to our knowledge of Heart Failure in the developing world. Dr Eric Klug with support from Servier will design a marketing campaign to inform practitioners about this valuable program.

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