The Heart Failure Society of South Africa, which is a special interest group of the South African Heart Association, has three classes of membership. These are:

  • Ordinary
  • Associate
  • International

Ordinary and associate members of HeFSSA have to be ordinary or associate members of the South African Heart Association (SA Heart). However, international members do not have to be members of SA Heart.

Ordinary Members

Ordinary members include cardiologists, specialist physicians, and other medical professionals (e.g. general practitioners, cardiovascular surgeons, health scientists, and members of pharmaceutical industry with an interest in heart failure practicing inside South Africa).

Candidates for ordinary membership are proposed by two ordinary members in good standing. The Executive may approve the proposal at their next formal meeting. Only Ordinary members shall be entitled to vote/or hold office in the Association.

Associate Members

Associate members include technologists, nurses or other health care professionals with an interest in heart failure. Requests for associate membership are sent to the HeFSSA secretary.

International Members

Medical professionals with an interest in heart failure living outside South Africa are eligible for international membership.